Revision services

For perfect revision of your documents, you can count on our unrivalled know-how. Nothing escapes the trained eye of oc-languages’ experienced team! They will catch and correct every mistake hiding in your texts, even the most subtle. We guaranty an impeccable end result.

If you wish so, in addition making sure your text follows the regular rules and codes of language, we can give it our own little twist (Clarity, Vivacity, Elegance). In other words, we will work on your text until it meets our writing standards:

  • We will refine the style;
  • We will rearrange your sentences for more clarity;
  • We will examine the content for inconsistencies;
  • We will adapt the vocabulary and tone for your target audience.

That’s not all: we also offer a full range of revision services! oc-languages’ team has what it takes to assess the quality of a translation or to put the finishing touches to your document.

You need a second opinion on your text? Trust us with your revision today, and we will make sure your documents are perfect!

For additional information about our revision services, click on the following links or contact us today!