Our history


It was through the entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy of German engineer Norbert Demps that oc-languages came to be. In 2004, Demps founded oceans GmbH, a software company specializing in business relationship management (BRM) and client relationship management (CRM).

oceans GmbH’s mission is noble: to help companies improve their relationships with their clients by providing them with the best software resources, while keeping the human aspect at the forefront of their management processes.

Demps strongly believes that “man is the measure of all things”. Keeping this humanist vision in mind, he was able to come up with innovative and personalised business solutions in the fields of marketing, sales, and service. Because of its personnel’s great BRM experience, only a few years were necessary for oceans to meet the challenges facing it and earn the trust of a reputed clientele.


Early in 2012, Demps came to the conclusion that the quality of the relationship with a client has its roots in language, and that in a European context, enterprises have to offer multilingual services if they want to be successful outside their own country’s borders.

Because mutual understanding is at the heart of oceans’ humanist approach, Demps was looking for a way to provide, in addition to software solutions and consulting services, the best linguistic resources to his clients and partners. Resources that would enable oral and written communications to have the clarity, vivacity, and elegancy required to establish good business relationships.

This quest led to the birth of oc-languages UG, a Germany-based linguistic services provider. oc-languages UC has the mission of giving professional help with oral communications, in addition to assessing the clarity, linguistic quality and reliability of written and translated documents.


Charmed by Canada, particularly by Québec city, Norbert Demps decided at the end of 2012 to extend his services across the Atlantic. He founded oc-languages inc., the Canadian version of oc-languages UG. oc-languages inc. has as its core the most talented individuals Demps could find in the fields of translation, revision, drafting and even language teaching.

In the spring of 2013, Demps set up his offices in the heart of the Petit Champlain, one of Québec’s most beautiful historical districts, a perfect site to accomplish
oc-languages’ mission.

Since then, oceans GmbH and its affiliated companies have been working day and night to make their dream come true: to facilitate communication between the different linguistic communities of the world, like the oceans act as links between the continents of the world.